My father was in great hands with Ceil, our Senior Helping Seniors. She was always engaging and cared for my dad as if he was family. We were confident dad was safe with every visit. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic help. We highly recommend them.

— Laura Sharwarko

Good morning, Dan.     I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for SHS and the help you provided on 4/20/21.   From the first time I spoke with you earlier in the month, you were kind, thoughtful and so helpful.   M.H., your care provider, was just lovely and also so kind and helpful.   The day went really well with much thanks to you and M.H.    You provide a great service and provide it with an impressive level of caring.    I so appreciate everything you did for me, Dan.

Client in Lombard, IL


— Help with ride & companionship for medical appointment

Dear Dan,
It was such a pleasure to meet you!
The extent of services you offer are like a dream come true!
Thank you for your time and concern for others. Thank you for giving people like me hope that there are beautiful people like you who really do care!
Gratefully yours,
Sue R. - Westmont, IL

— Susan - Westmont, IL

On behalf of Mrs. C.'s family, I thank you for the wonderful service provided by yourself, the Agency (Seniors Helping Seniors-Westmont IL) and the individual caretakers that worked with her during the past year.

Your agency provided the transitional services that grew with Mom's needs this year--from a few hours a day to extended day time hours. First, let me acknowledge Dan for your personal interviews including visits to Mom's condo, your adjusting to changes in Mom's schedule, and your ability to match caregivers to Mom's personality. You are a lovely and caring person. You were able to communicate with me and my 3 siblings by phone and email to keep us updated on schedule changes and other issues cropping up with Mom's condition.

On Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to speak with my siblings and their spouses and received these comments on the excellent service that was afforded to Mom this year:
--"I would like to comment on how concerned they are--they treated Mom like part of their family."
--"They stuck with it, even when Mom was not all that gracious and were able to diffuse Mom's confused outbursts."
--"The relationship with the caregivers was extraordinary. One of the caregivers had lost her mom at the age of 10--it was almost like she considered Mom like a member of her family. The ladies were very caring; they helped with the transition when Mom had to go to 24 hour live-in caregivers."
--"Mom enjoyed the ladies. I would recommend SHS to anyone."
--"Everyone was super great."

SHS was a perfect niche for us. It started out as 3 - 4 hours and expanded as Mom's needs increased. You are to be commended for the selection process and the training that you provide the caregivers from Seniors Helping Seniors. I would be happy to speak to anyone who would like a reference for your services.

Mrs. C.'s daughter

— Daughter of Mrs. C

Seniors Helping Seniors has been a great, dependable service over the past few years for our mother. Over the years they have been accommodating to meet the changing needs of her care due to illnesses and falls when needed. Caregivers have been trustworthy and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent companionship and support. We’d be lost without them, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

— Barb M.

I have been with Seniors Helping Seniors since April of 2018. Being widowed and using a walker due to medical injuries, I needed help vacuuming, cleaning bare floors and dusting. I have made great friendships as well as peace of mind that my apartment is clean and I definitely trust the staff and am completely satisfied with their caring attitude towards me. In January I fell and broke five ribs. When I got home from the hospital, one of the first things I did was to call Dan at SHS and told him what had happened. I told him I needed help in repositioning my most frequently used household items to a wheelchair position since my ribs hurt to reach items on shelves. The staff member not only stopped at a store to pick up a few over the counter medical items I needed as a result of my accident, but she came and repositioned the items to my needed locations for my injury. Then she sat with me and talked, calmed me down with supporting and caring words. I am thankful for Seniors Helping Seniors and they have been my savior since I became a customer of theirs. I was also comforted that Dan, the owner, came out to my apartment first to get to know me, survey my apartment, and most importantly, asked me the personality-type of person I would be most comfortable with.

— Janet Simpson

The services are exactly what my mom needed. Now she has someone who can be avaiable for whatever she needs.

— Daughter of Mrs. D

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